Monday, March 22, 2010

Captain's Coming

The players assemble in the centre of the playground or in a hall. A leader is chosen
who calls out various commands. The commands need explanation
before the game can begin. A game of Captain’s Coming can have any number of
commands; the more there are, the more that needs to be memorised, and the harder it
is to play.
The group competes with each other to complete the commands. If there is an obvious
person or group of people who are last to start a command, they are then
out. The game continues until there is only one person left – the winner.
The Commands :

Bow – everyone races to the front of the room.

Stern – everyone races to the back of the room.

Starboard – everyone races to the right of the room.

Port – everyone races to the left of the room.

Captain’s coming – everyone stands tall, salutes and shouts, ‘Aye aye Captain.’

Captain’s wife – everyone curtseys.

Scrub the decks – mime scrubbing on hands and knees.

Climb the rigging – everyone pretends to climb a rope ladder.

Man the lifeboat – find a partner and hold both hands. Anyone without a partner is out.

Sharks – lie on stomach with feet up.

Freeze – stop all actions when this is called. If a further command is given without saying
‘unfreeze’ anyone obeying it is out.

There are lots of variations of this game. You can find many alternatives by doing a Google
search of Captain’s Coming on the Internet or you may want to make up your own.
To make this a more co-operative game, you can just play for the fun with nobody being out.

Played a from of this as a child. It was called Port and Starboard but the idea was the same. A large space is needed to play.

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